Monday, 13 October 2014


So on 28th September I had Birthday <3

Whee~ One year older haha.

I had a great mini birthday party with some friends and after that I went to a great event in the Pratersauna in Vienna :3

Here are some pictures:

This is my outfit for my birthday party.
Blouse and skirt-trousers are from Axes Femme. Hat is H&M :3

Being happy with my beer :D

My boyfriend and me <3

He is such a cutie. I got silver earrings from him (because he knows I am allergic to everything else that is nor gold or silver xD)
AND I got a coupon for a day in a spa <3 yay!

Friends of me made mini donuts!
They were delicous! *_*

Here you can see some of my presents.
The butterfly necklace was a present to myself xD.
I got so many nice stuff. A lot of make up - but that made me happy! Love make up <3

This is my outfit  - a day after my birthdayparty - I met my mother, sister and uncle.
Again Blouse and dress from Axes Femme, Hat from a store in Harajuku <3