Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Visiting my friend in Estonia: Lolita Meet Up


From the 23rd of August to th 30th of August I have been in Estonia visiting my best friend, Ann. We know each other for 12 years now and I can't imagine my life without her :3 so much drama, love, fanfictions, fun - a great friendship. I hope we will have contact for ever.

It was a bit stressfull to pack, since I had no idea how the weather will be. The forecast said that it will be rainy and cold - so I had to pack warm things - problem: I only had hand package (8kg limited) so I could not take a lot with me. Ann was so nice to borrow me some of her Lolita wardrobe - which is btw a wonderful Gothic Lolita /Aristocrat wardrobe - aaaall black haha

My boyfriend took me to the airport. Thank you honey :3

Up in the sky~ Wheee.
My flight was over Riga. So I had to get out again. Riga is a small - so I had no problem finding my gate. I was just so hungry that I bought a sandwhich and green tea ... for 7€ SO expensive!!

Ann picked me up from the Tallinn airport and we took the bus to her home. In the evening we just talked, ate (a lot XD) and I looked through her amazing wardrobe.

Next day: Lolita Meet Up. Ann was so nice to organize a meet up for me. So sweet! I was very happy to meet some of the estonian Lolitas. We were a cute, small group of 5 Lolitas + one Boyfriend :D
We visited the Kadriorg art museums exhibition. Luckily they had a small exhibition of Eveline von Maydell's work. It was so pretty!

Evelines work is so detailed. And everything was cut out from black paper!

I am in looove with the furniture. I know the viennese museums are filled with it - but I am so in love with victorian furniture. I can imagine to have a nice cozy bed in front of this wall with those amazing curtains! hehe

 The garden at the back of the museum. Also wonderful!

The weather was acting strange: Rain, Sun, Rain, Sun. It changed all the time - I had a really bad headache and it got worse the later the day got. But I hope nobody noticed my headache; All in all it was a wonderful experience to meet all this lovely people. Especially Irma and Katrina! I have to say I was very nervous meeting friends of my best friend. Hope they liked me though xD

The elegant Ann. She looks amazing in Pirate Lolita! 

Another Estonian Lolita. She was lovely and sews all her dresses by herself. Amazing :3 

Katrina in bitter sweet. Such a lovely person! At first we did not talk a lot with each other, but after some people left and Ann, Katrina and me were on our own - we could finally get to know each other and I have to say she is such a nice person. :3

 And another estonian Lolita. She wore Angelic Pretty and was with her boyfriend. I did not talk a lot with her, but she looked really cute! 
Le tadaaa~ My outfit. I borrowed the dress and the (super amazing) top hat from my friend Ann. I WANT THAT TOP HAT ;_; it's so cool! 

After the museum we went to a Café where I ordered a yummy white chocolate cake and Caffee Latté

My friend was not very pleased with this café because she thought it would have warm meals too. They offered some salads, but not enough for hungry frilly lolitas! :D

So we went on and found this nice hungarian restaurant! I liked the atmosphere there.

My yummy food. In this fluffy something there was a chicken filet filled with blue cheese, pesto. Gosh it was so yummy!

The staff was also very nice, she spoke a lot with us. But I did not understand a thing.
It was a very nice and though quiet meet up. I think when Ann will see how much we talk with each other in Austrian meet ups she will be super shy xD

I felt more comfortable, when I walked around with Ann and Katrina, because they were talking only in english - so I understood everything.

Thank you for organizing a nice meet up for me <3