Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Metamorphose Tea Party in Vienna - behind the scenes (Part 2)


Now onto part 2. After we came home on Thursday I had to study a lot, because on Friday I had my first exam in my Master Studies - in Business Process Management.

I left early for my exam and Ann drove to the Hotel to meet up again with Jasmin, Lea, Taira-san and Matusoka-san.
You can read more about the Friday sightseeing (with Die Milch) here.

After the exam I went with my study-colleague Olivia to a nearby Café to work on our University Project. Afterwards I went the austrian restaurant, where the whole Organisation Team from the Tea Party hold a Welcome Dinner for our Metamorphose guests.

Again we chose a austrian traditional restaurant. We talked a lot and had lots of fun. It was nice to have the whole team gathered together.

Saturday! The big day. Ann and me woke up early to finish our outfits. My boyfriend was so nice to drive us to the Hotel, where we waited for Taira-san and Matsuoka-san since we were a bit early.
Packed with the stall-items we took a Taxi to the Hotel Stefanie, where the Tea Party was held.

Taira-san in front of Hotel Stefanie. Her outfit was so cute! Her hairstyle was also very beautiful. Too bad they had not the dress in the blue colourway to sell in the stall - otherwise I would have grabbed it immediately. 

Backstage - unpacking everything. Very busy! ٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و

Natascha was so nice to help us building up the stall. We helped Taira-san and Matusoka-san to put on the tags on the dresses and fold everything nicely (at least we gave our best!)

The finished stall of Metamorphose. They had sooooo many cute stuff with them.
Everytime I unpacked something I had to decide what I already want to buy.
Then I found it. The prettiest dress ever! Ann convinced me to buy it so I was the first customer at the Metamorphose stall. hehe.

This is the dress + headbow I bought. The colours are perfect for me and I adore the style and pattern so much. Lucky me! o(≧∇≦o)

Me, Matsuoka-san (CEO), Taira-san (Designer) and Ann at the Metamorphose Stall.
Ann and me gave our best to help out as much as we can.

Finally The first guest were arriving. VIP Time!
With Taira-sans approval we tried to make with every VIP guest a picture with Taira-san. 

I tried to use Jasmin's Instax Camera, but it did not work all the time.
Thankfully, Roberto Detoyato made some pictures too.
Luckily all the guests were satisfied and happy to have a picture with Taira-san.

Ann was always helping me holding all the bags from our guest to make a decent picture.

Of course I also snatched a picture with Taira-san o(〃^▽^〃)o

Then we rushed back to the stall and helped Matsuoka-san out.

More and more people started to come and buy some Metamorphose Items!

After one hour, all the other guests were coming. Suddenly it got really crowded.

Then the buffet starting - unfortunately I was able to just grab something small, which I took then back to the stall were I ate my Punschkrapfen after some hours in the corner hidden (´∀`) . 
It was a lot to do and Ann and me gave our best.

The lovely Models with Taira-san. 

After the wonderful Fashion Show, which was organised by Pato and Dagmar (it was great!!) I was able to make some pictures with friends I met, I also looked around all the other wonderful stalls that were at the Tea Party.

 I met Vanilla again (she also was at the Innocent World Tea Party in Vienna); She also wore the same print! We had to make a picture together. Of course also with the lovely Jana and Mia  (´,,•ω•,,)♡ I was so happy to see so many cute Lolitas!

 Pato was fabulous too (well as always!); After some time I also managed to find another lovely Lolita wearing the same print as me. Mila was also at the Tea Party, altough she was not feeling well she came - made me very happy to meet her again! (Please click on the picture to enlarge them)

 This is my favourite picture of the whole evening. It's Ann and me goofing around. I love derp-poses in Lolita. It's so funny! ヘ(= ̄∇ ̄)ノ

But of course, I will post a decent outfit shot of both of us.
So happy that you were in Vienna! (*´・v・)

While Ann hold the Q&A with Taira-san I quickly ate my food and had a short break.
I talked a little bit to Coco and Mocca from Die Milch.
They were so pretty! Like real dolls.

After the Q&A I rushed to make a super-fast picture of my outfit with the Photographers at the Tea Party. 

You can see that I was already a bit tired - but Coffee helped me all along!

Then the Raffle started. We had so many prizes (big and small) so that everybody at the Tea Party won something. I got a lilac rose-hairband. Yay! After the Raffle Matsuoka-san decided to put some items on sale that were left. Suddenly ALL the Lolitas came back to the stall and purchased a lot. It was really funny to see how everybody rushed back to the stall.

So many people! 

Time was passing by so quickly! Suddenly the Tea Party was over and we had to pack the stall again.
We called for a Taxi for Matsuoka-san and Taira-san. Afterwards my boyfriend picked Ann and me up and drove us home, to prepare for the Gothic Dandy & Lolita Music Festival - the official After Party of the Tea Party Event.

One last picture of my outfit.
(The shoes hurt so bad after the day)

My purchase! I found a very cute necklace which I immediately wanted to buy.
Matsuoka-san also gave us another present for the VIP guests (the Metamorphose necklace) - I was happy when he told us that the Organisation-Team can also have some. ( ^ω^)
Here you can also see my raffle price and my wonderful Metamorphose Tea Party bag.

After the Tea Party finished Matsuoka-san made a picture of me, Jasmin, Taira-san and Ann-chan.
I really like this picture! It reminds me of the wonderful Tea Party.

A big thank you to everybody in my Team to make this event happen. It was stressful and hard work, but it was a success ♡(*´∀`*)人(*´∀`*)♡
 I enjoyed working for Matsuoka-san and Taira-san - it was an honor for me to help them out.
Also a big thank you to my best friend Ann, without you it would not have been the same.
´͈ ᵕ `͈ ♡°◌̊

Next part will be about the music festival and the Bring and Buy Event on Sunday!

Have a nice day!